From around the globe, there is a growing body of scientific research, evidence, and media reports concerning the harmful impact of balloon litter on animals and the environment. The reference section below includes documented issues surrounding intentional balloon releases and ongoing legislative initiatives.

As everyday people and passionate citizens of this planet, our mission is to promote responsible balloon behavior. We want anyone who chooses to enjoy balloons to do so without the guilt of harming the environment. Our advocacy is not against balloons but against how people irresponsibly dispose of them. Balloon Mission’s innovative outreach programs and solutions are offering people ways to do better while saving animals and protecting our world. This compendium of resources explains why the Balloon Mission is important, why it needs to be shared, and, most importantly, why we ALL need to act and make a difference for a cleaner and greener planet!

We’ve highlighted at the top of the page three important resources and toolkits to help share the message and take action for responsible balloon usage:

  1. The Balloon Council’s (TBC) responsible messages on “Smart Balloon Practices.”
  2. Prevent Balloon Litter’s Teacher Kit (student info and activities to prevent balloon litter)
  3. Surfrider Foundation’s Policy Balloon Toolkit (strategies to promote balloon policies)

Got an article or resource to share on the balloon problem, a solution, or alternatives to balloon releases? Send it to us and we’ll add it to our Reference Sources for everyone to use! Contact us at and help make a difference!

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