From around the globe, there is a growing body of research, articles, and blog posts concerning the harmful impact of balloons and their base plastics on the environment and wildlife. We have listed only a small fraction of the sources and will continue to update as new findings are introduced or shared. We welcome new sources to learn from and will update them.It is important to share on our site what we’ve read and learned because no one on our team at Balloon Mission holds a degree in marine or biological science. Not one of us has an environmental or activist background. We are your next-door neighbor. We are the person in the car behind you waiting at the stop light, or who just passed you pushing a grocery cart. We are concerned citizens of our planet and are worried about the future of the grandchildren we don’t have yet. We’re ordinary people who are stepping up and taking action to do something to make it better rather than nothing at all. For these reasons, it is incumbent upon us to cite our references and show evidence of this growing problem. While we don’t have science backgrounds, we do have the references and organizations listed here to back up why our mission is important, why it needs to be shared, and most importantly, why we ALL need to do something about it.

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