We are everyday people.  Concerned citizens of this planet who are on a mission to take an active role, as little as it may seem, and do better. We want to raise awareness on consumption and the litter we make and give people an opportunity to clean up our world for future generations.  To that end we’ve created an environmental advocacy organization to craft solutions and effect positive change.

Our first mission is to address the soaring increase in balloon popularity and the unintended harmful consequences they have when released into the environment and on wildlife.  The balloon industry strives to promote a positive view of balloons and cites they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.  Unfortunately, once they blow away outside, latex and foil balloons, which are comprised of plastic properties, cause detrimental effects on our ecosystems.  When balloons eventually break down or degrade, the plastic still remains. 
There are many people who love balloons and our goal is to support and promote responsible balloon behavior.  When the fun is done, we collect balloons after people are finished using them.  We make sure they don’t become plastic litter and find good end-of-use solutions for them. 

Balloon Mission supports Inclusion and Diversity: 

We are proud to partner with ACDS, an organization offering lifetime skills for people with developmental disabilities.   Two hundred volunteers perform the vital mission of collecting, sorting, and gathering metrics on balloons from their Merrick and Plainview NY day-hab locations.  Check out their smiles on our website and Instagram feeds!   Since joining Balloon Mission, these ambassadors feel a great sense of purpose in helping the community and our environment!    Participants will be helping to distribute flyers and balloon bin signs to establishments and event venues with our team. We are grateful for this symbiotic relationship where we create value for each other.  To learn more about ACDS go to ABOUT ACDS.

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