Most people want to do the right thing to protect our ecosystems as well as our health. They just don’t know they have an option. And that’s what we’re doing, giving an option! We’re creating awareness about the effects of latex and foil balloons and giving people a way to responsibly dispose of them once they’re finished. All they have to do is gently pop them and find a collection bin to drop them off. We will pick them up, count them, and properly dispose of them.

We will be gathering metrics on the balloons we’ve collected. Understanding how people celebrate, and capturing the number and types of balloons being used will be important to our mission. We will be sharing this data with other environmental organizations as well.

We are proud to be collaborating and partnering with ACDS on our Balloon Mission with 200 volunteers helping to collect, sort, and count the balloons from their Merrick location at Sacred Heart Church and in Plainview. We feel this is a symbiotic relationship and works in keeping with ACDS’s goal of increasing life and social skills, and work readiness for their participants.

Our goal

The goal of the organization is to educate the public on the environmental effects of balloons on our ecosystems (land, ocean, and wildlife) It will ask the question, “What can you do to help?” and give people a never-before option to take a pro-active role. Our program will collect balloons after people are finished enjoying them. For every balloon purchased, we will ensure it is responsibly discarded and re-purposed.

Who we are

We are everyday people. Responsible citizens of this planet who are on a mission to take an active role, as little as it may seem, and do better. We want to give people, like us, an opportunity to do better to clean up our world. Together, small ripples can make big waves. We are proud to be partnering with ACDS, an organization that offers lifetime skills for people of all ages with developmental disabilities. Volunteers will be performing the vital mission of collecting, sorting and gathering metrics on balloons. better.

Our Supporters